Thermal 3Ht Insulation

Thermal 3Ht Insulation is available in rolls, accordion fold and boards (sheets). Thermal 3Ht Insulation comes in thicknesses from 3/8" to 2"; or thicker by special order. Boards are available in 4' X 8", 4' X 10' and 4' X 12' sheets. Accordion fold is available in 200 sq. ft. bundles and rolls which are manufactured in thicknesses of 3/8" and ½" X 72' long.

Metallic reflective facers, reinforced white woven facers or any combination of the two are laminated to either side of the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core of Thermal 3Ht Insulation. Reflective (silver) facers are recommended for most applications, however when extra strength, durability and flexibility is required the reinforced white woven facer becomes the laminate of choice. Examples of reinforced white woven applications: below grade, concrete floors, insulation behind stucco, insulating foundations and basements from the outside, long term exposed applications, etc.

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