Vapor Barriers


Moisture is one of the most destructive materials in the building envelope. It is also an excellent conductor of heat. Vapor Barriers stop moisture from entering the walls by stopping both vapor and liquid. Thermal 3Ht Insulation utilizes a woven vapor barrier to stop moisture penetration. Other insulation materials allow moisture to pass through the wall and collect on the building materials inside the walls. When conventional materials get wet, they stop working as insulation because the moisture conducts heat so well. Mold needs moisture and wood to grow. The paper backing of the gypsum and the wood frame the walls are constructed of make the perfect growing media for mold. Thermal 3Ht Insulationt utilizes a woven vapor barrier. Since the radiant barrier is woven it adds to the strength of the product. The vapor barrier that is included in Thermal 3Ht Insulation boasts a zero perm rating meaning there is no water vapor that is allowed through the barrier. Some vapor barriers allow water vapor to pass through.

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