Thermal 3Ht Flexible, durable, environmentally friendly, recyclable and easy to install

Flexible, durable, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and easy to install

Durable, Easy to Install

The EPS in Thermal 3Ht Insulation is protected by an advanced metalized polymeric laminate facer on one side and the woven vapor barrier on the other. This makes Thermal 3Ht Insulation extremely durable.

Thermal 3Ht Insulation is easy to cut with a standard sharp edge like a box cutter or very sharp knife the white woven laminate cannot be easily torn and is resistant to punctures on the jobsite.

Environmentally Friendly

Thermal 3Ht Insulation can be recycled but its biggest contribution to the environment comes from the energy efficiency of the buildings it is installed on. Most energy in the US and Canada comes from burning coal, natural gas, or nuclear power plants. Since all of these forms of energy are not environmentally friendly it is important to reduce the amount of energy we consume. Since Thermal 3Ht Insulation is such an effective insulator, when it is used on a building there is less energy required to keep that building at a constant temperature and less pollution made to produce the energy the building uses. When less energy is required to heat and cool a building other forms of energy production are much more attractive. Solar and wind is expensive to install but if there is less energy required by a building, fewer solar panels are needed to produce the amount of energy needed. Buying fewer solar panels or smaller wind generators makes these forms of energy production affordable.


The advanced metalized polymeric laminate facer in Thermal 3Ht Insulation, the expanded polystyrene in Thermal 3Ht Insulation and the woven vapor barrier are all forms of plastic. They can all be recycled.

Check with your local recycling center to see which types of plastic are acceptable.

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